SOC Class Attendee Testimonials

I wanted to let you know that I was able to use material I learned from that class to propose to our upper management what a formalized security team could look like in our environment and some ways we could move forward with that. We are now making progress in making that happen. Thank you for all the work you put in to that class.

- Clothing and Adventure Gear Manufacturer

You probably would not be surprised but I keep the books on my desk and every day find some minutes to list pages and read something. I replaced listening to music on my way home to audio from the course. The course as such became my new Bible and sometime I find it addictive 😁 Thanks very much again for given such a valuable information in 5 days.

- Global Manufacturer and Retailer

...I share all of this only to make this point – never has a track been more relevant, timely, thorough, and pragmatic as I found the course to be. In my opinion, Chris (and I am quite sure an entire team of reviewers) has thought of, considered, and addressed every issue that I have encountered in my journey to standing up an internal SOC at my company.

- Food and Beverage Conglomerate

I attended a fantastic course this month on Managing Security Operations taught by Chris Crowley . If you have anything to do with managing a SOC or your organization needs an idea of how to get to the next level...this is the course for you.

- Medical Supplier and Innovator

Thanks for the excellent course in San Francisco...Btw, I appreciated how you quickly comprehended and translated specific feedback to general principles, when fielding questions in the class. That is a good skill.

- US Department of Defense